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Worst part of Digital Marketing is...

Worst part of Digital Marketing is...contacting business owners who don't respond or ignore you.

It's understandable, you receive a message from a Digital Marketing professional who is based overseas, who offers to help with your website, social media and marketing - natural response is IGNORE because you don't have time to waste on yet another marketing person, you've got and paid good money for your website, you may have had bad experiences so why would it be any different with this one?

Yes, you're right to think all of the above! But next time you receive a message from a fellow professional, it takes a few minutes to view their profile, see what value they can bring to your business, a few seconds to reply professionally to say "No Thanks" or hopefully see that you may have discovered a different and more affordable, honest way of marketing. We all have to do it - messaging other professionals to offer our services because we genuinely believe we offer a good quality service. It's no different for marketing professionals like myself.

I feel gutted and disappointed because I lose an opportunity to help a fellow construction professional, not because I lose a bit of business. Not all marketing professionals are bad.

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