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Why I am choosing to find and work with small construction related businesses - Part 1.

I truly want to help small businesses because they deserve a break and helping hand. My motivation comes from experience working as a Construction Manager.

Why can't they tap into affordable digital marketing to find new business and growth just like larger businesses? Why can't they have a professional looking website that doesn't cost £1,000's?

The often negative industry perception: Small subbie who is 'the man and his van with his dog'! How many times a small subbie turns up on site, with no drawings, no method statement, no idea of what his work is?!? Looks like we got to hold his hand to get the work done, says the Project Manager. He asks to borrow PPE because he forgot his. How on earth did he get on the supply chain? He was the cheapest says the QS!

But positively: Thankfully I've come across many small businesses that are nimble and super good at what they do. They've been successful because of hard work, travelling long distances, being subbie bashed all the time by the QS but persevering to work with us again because its work. I never minded helping them out because they're trying to earn a living too. I won't stop now!

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