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Your brand starts with your company logo because it is the image everyone associates with your business. Great brands are easily remembered and recognisable yet they only need to be simple and professional looking. Think: established brands like Vodafone, Barclays, Sky and Marks & Spencer are simply worded logos with their own distinct and recognisable colours. 

Your company logo is important because it will be associated with the work and projects you have done for a client. Gone are the days where the company logo is only on your company van or on your business card. Nowadays, it should project your brand to wherever a prospective client can see you, whether it's a banner outside one of your projects, on your social media accounts, your e-mail signature or your company website. 

I am not a branding specialist or a professional graphic illustrator, I simply apply various techniques and professional software tools, listen to your feedback and develop a logo that is memorable, recognisable and truly reflects your your brand values and what you are about.

Remember: No logo or the wrong logo will either make you look like an amateur or make you completely forgettable. I can help you create a company logo to start the process of building your brand.


I follow 4 simple steps to help you create a logo:


Quick Chat

I'll contact you for a quick strategy session, to understand what are your company values


3 Logo Concepts 

You will get 3 professional, varied logo options to give you enough choice to know what you want


3 Down to 1

Choose 1 logo that you like, then I can make revisions (change colour, font, size) to finalise your logo


1 logo pack 

You will be provided with logo formats ready for use for e-mail, social media and your website

#1 Digital Marketing Agency that puts YOU the Business Owner 1ST


I knew you would ask that!
Our branding costs are given as a fixed price. Prices are updated each month on my services price list. Just ask me for a copy by email or ask me at your strategy session and I will be completely transparent with you.
For clients who opt for Website Design services, branding services will be included FREE as part of the package, if you don't already have a company logo.  
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