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Wix v Wordpress

Looking at the two screenshots, you will see two versions of the same website. The bottom one is the SOON to be LAUNCHED revamped website for NVQ4WORK. Look closely and I mean the 'coding' and you will see the old website was built on WORDPRESS and the new website is built on WIX. So what is the difference then?

I used to work day in day out using WordPress and so it's true - it's a web designer's dream. But it can be a nightmare for Construction business owners who wanted a website that can be affordable, easy to update and maintain.

The problem when you get often a 'template' website from a local web designer is your difficulties of updating becomes simply - 'Manyana'. You hold off getting your website updated because it costs a lot, often charged per half hour, or you just don't have the time in the day to get in touch with your web designer.

You may hear some fightback of claims that Wix is slow or it's not flexible or it also uses templates. But such false claims are either from few years ago before Wix rapidly improved its service and features or because it is true if you just use a Wix template, your website will look like very basic.

I believe in using Wix for its affordability, because it's easier to maintain and customising its templates so that it reflects a business and its values and its branding. It's hosting packages can also mean you save £hundreds of your current provider.

So I would not say it's Wix v WordPress. 455 million websites are using WordPress, which means that around 20% of all self-hosted websites use WordPress. According to some sources, Wix has over 190 million users.

Simply, it's "horses for courses" - for many construction businesses, a Wix-built website will provide you with all the features you need to showcase your business, with affordability and ease of maintenance. There is always an alternative out there and a better way of doing things.

Contact me if you'd like to know more about how Jason Liu Marketing can build you a professional Wix website.

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