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Why Jason Liu Marketing? - Part 2


The difference then with Jason Liu Marketing is simply:

1. Completely different perspective of the value of marketing services - completely affordable e.g. website costing £hundreds NOT £thousands because it's built using WIX. Free included SEO because WIX provides tools to do it. Social media management that is affordable each month, again costing £hundreds NOT £thousands, posting professional sounding content, building up your business profile and branding. Digital advertising that is affordable, spend on your advertising budget and my management fees that is again £hundreds NOT £thousands.

2. Complete customisation of templates to give you a truly unique website, no other website will have exactly the same 'look', layout and features. It takes much longer time, more effort in editing but that brings more satisfaction to me to produce the best I can.

3. Complete affordability each year as Wix yearly hosting costs and domain costs only ~£100/year. You are not locked into a contract with me to 'have to' renew your website each year. In fact, I will show you how to update your own website if you have the time and resources available. You can double check but often you will find that you can keep your domain and email accounts, whilst changing your website provider. So it's not as painful to change. That means there is an affordable way, a different way to get a revamped website.

4. I understand Construction because I've worked all my career on site, in the industry. Its easier to speak to me about your business because we are fellow professionals. But like with my career to date, I continue to pursue learning new things in the industry, learning from different contractors how they work. Add that priceless experience to marketing skills and experience, you get a service that really does put you the Construction Business Owner FIRST.

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