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Research Shows Having A Bad Website Can Hurt Your Business - even for small businesses - Part 2

Here’s a sad scenario. A prospective customer/client finds your website on Google search or even better, referred by a previous customer. They’re a warm, maybe even a hot lead. Before contacting you, they do what everyone else does — they visit your website to check you out! They find a website that you paid a professional web designer to design, but it does not look professional at all. The links to social media don't work, the logo to your company looks unprofessional, photos look skewed, the content looks too cluttered and any prospective client will of course be turned away.

You may have paid for web design services, seeing the many fantastic designs they have produced for other companies, but your website ultimately falls well short of the standards you expected!

I have deep mutual respect for fellow professionals working in digital marketing, in website design. After all, I have only been in this game for a few years, I have much to learn myself and always look to improve my work and ideas. My challenge is to help better what small businesses put on the internet to showcase their company and work they do!

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