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How much for a website?!?

It's common these days to be quoted £1-2k+ for a website but why is it so expensive? Is it value for money? My answer is NO!

Why? Because there is a much more affordable way to build a professional website. That's what I've been helping my growing list of clients with to build them a professional website using Wix. If you're fine with continuing to pay huge sums of is why you're paying so much and over the odds:

- It gets expensive when you ask for a 'Custom' website which is a license for web designers to charge you a lot of money but essentially they use the same templates for all clients

- It gets expensive when your web designer uses WordPress and spends on average more time to code your website

- It's expensive to update your website because your web designers knows you won't be able to update it yourself so need them for their 'expertise'

- They charge you a premium for Stock images because you've not got much photos of work

- Because you hear the going rate is £1-2k

Don't you think it's time to discover an alternative, more affordable way?

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